Illustrious. Surrealist. Electronic music enthusiast. Such are words synonymous with Z8phyR, agnomen to Donovan Townes, a California-based Oklahoma native with a distinctive knack for weaving melodic tapestries from an aesthetically creative mind. His mellifluous sound and progressive style can be attributed to the many musically adept influences in his life in combination with his profound romance for nature. 

In 2017, his premiere compositions earned him praise and respect across the EDM world, earning plays on Roger Shah’s “Magic Island Radio” and Chicane’s “Sun:Sets” radio show. In 2018, he released his debut artist album “Breath of a New Dawn,” a narrative that symbolically represented new personal beginnings and achievement. That same year, Z8phyR collaborated with Spanish guitarists, JP Durand and Liza Carbe of the world-music band Incendio, to deliver a sun-soaked melodic soundscape. Having established himself quite well in the music scene by 2019, Z8phyR gave light to his own music label dedicated to melodic progressive house, The Cool Breeze. This pathway of success recently squared him away with “Drop of a Dream,” an award-winning song remixed by Grammy nominated Catherine Duc. 

Z8phyR is noteworthy for expressing his affinity with the world around him. His ethereal compositions epitomize the beauty and mystique of the organic world, consisting mainly of dream-inducing arps, pensive grooves, invigorating swirls of bass, ambrosial melodies, and sweeping progression chords. His superlative production ingenuity engineers an optimistic world saturated with love and kindness.

Bio written by Elike Mortensen


Z8phyR Sending You Love

Z8phyR Sending You Love