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Keeping Your Creativity As An Artist - Podcast Transcription 

Keeping Creativity as an Artist 

From the Podcast: Chillin with the Breeze hosted by Z8phyR


Hey everyone! Here is the transcription of the podcast episode of "Keeping Your Creativity". If listening or watching the video isn't your thing, take some time to read through this. I am positive you'll find some value in this and connect to these words as a fellow artist.

Once you've read through this - give me some insight into how YOU retain your creativity as an artist? I want to support and nurture this…

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🙌 Happy Monday! Let's do this!!! 

Greetings everyone! 

I hope you're having a beautiful, beautiful day! 

It is a wonderful week to start off in a motivating and uplifting way! No matter what is going on in your life, know that we're in this together! We got this! Let's do it :D

For Monday I figured it would be all about motivation and how we can be more empowered as musicians in our craft. You can listen to the video of my podcast to find out more of my thoughts behind this. Essentially, I want us all to produce more and more content…

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Release Day | 🌞 Dawn from "Dream Colours" 

Warm and wonderful greetings to you all. I hope you're having a beautiful day, and starting it off with positivity and great vibes!


🌞 Dawn - The Latest EP from the collection "Dream Colours"

This is the 3rd of the 4 EPs all bundled together to present this fantastic selection of tracks all designed to match your favorite "Dream Colour". I really hope you're enjoying the presentation and also wanted to make sure you know that for the rest of this month - you can use code : "dream" in the Bandcamp…

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Welcome to Z8phyR! Here are some updates! 

Greetings Everyone!

Updates are UPON US!

This is a big change, but we are getting everything a bit more organized and updated.

I spent the last couple of weeks addressing some things in my music career - like my brand and my logo and decided to give it a refresh for the next 5 to 10 years. I have a very special emotional connection with the old logo, and will forever cherish my time spent creating music underneath it. Alas, it is indeed time to improve it just a little bit. Since I've gained a little more experience over the last 5 years, I wanted to continue the idea of simplicity in the logo to go alongside one of my deepest ideas of how the music should be. So I figured I would just create two versions. One that simply stated my name and I would re-color the 8 as a way to emphasize and be stylistic. I also created a "smaller" more condensed version wioth just the Z and the 8.

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