🙌 Happy Monday! Let's do this!!!

Greetings everyone! 

I hope you're having a beautiful, beautiful day! 

It is a wonderful week to start off in a motivating and uplifting way! No matter what is going on in your life, know that we're in this together! We got this! Let's do it :D

For Monday I figured it would be all about motivation and how we can be more empowered as musicians in our craft. You can listen to the video of my podcast to find out more of my thoughts behind this. Essentially, I want us all to produce more and more content surrounding our music. It is my goal to do that, and I hope to support other artists as well!

I explain this more in depth on my Podcast Episode later today. It basically details my thoughts about how we should be more empowered to create and push forth this music as artists and musicians. These releases shouldn't lie on one label or person's opinion about the song, rather you should always push to release the music out there. So come join me on my short walk and listen to me motivate you to become the musician.

Have you heard my new EP "Skai"
It dropped Friday on all streaming platforms and services, so it would mean the world to me if you took a second to listen to it. Thank you so much!


On Tuesday I'll be demonstrating a brand new tutorial on how to create chords for Melodic Progressive House. This will premier on YouTube on Tuesday, March 30th. So tune in if you'd like some tips on creating this amazing genre! Later on I'll be breaking down one of my previous releases more in depth - Skai Colours - I'll be doing this live from my YouTube in the afternoon - so be sure to tune in if you're free!

I've built a Motivating Melodic Progressive House Playlist to kick your week off right! Some select tunes from myself and others in the scene to keep your spirits high and your energy fresh! This will include some songs from my latest collection "Dream Colours", and will also feature music released on other labels, such as "Spirit of Color" EP.

On Thursday (1 April) I'll be giving away a free project file from my website to any member! This project will only be free for a limited time and I will remove (or replace) it from the site soon! If you're interested in learning how to create this genre, be sure you check me out at my website Z8phyR.com for more information! 

Later on this week, I'll be announcing more details about my newest album "Colours of the Wind". 8 tracks to carry your spirits far and wide like the breeze. Come check out what's happening around Friday for more information!! 

Also - I've just completed an awesome remix and will be premiering it soon! This is from the talented artist Dreddbeat - in which I found him through Twitter and later Bandcamp. I think you guys will enjoy this one a lot, as I had a great time producing it!

As always, there is so much more to come, so I hope you're keeping yourself just as happy and busy as I am!!! ^_^ 

Massive love and chat soon!


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