Colours of the Wind

CALIFORNIA, USA - Z8phyR presents his newest Melodic Progressive House single, "Away" to delight the listener with a dazzling display of atmospheric chordal passages. Prepare your heart and soul for the 2nd of July when this uplifting track becomes available on all streaming platforms and Bandcamp to lift your spirit 'away.' 

    After receiving warm reception and high praise from his collection "Dream Colours" Z8phyR continues to explore the different emotional colours that are conveyed in the blissful and meditative nature of the wind itself. "Away" stands to bring you away from the outside elements of the world and pull your spirit into a place of love and peace with this signature composition from his fifth full-length album "Colours of the Wind". 

    Z8phyR is an independent musician that has many official releases in the electronic scene of Progressive House. Mainly known for incorporating natural and organic instrumentation into wonderful melodic compositions, his passion and love for music shines brightly in every production. 

" so far so good.....real Z8 style!" - @Xenioxe 

"so much beauty in it..." -@Josiah1 

    "Away" will be available for streaming on all digital platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music, on 02 July 2021. Pre-order for the digital album is now available on Bandcamp. Autographed physical copies will be available for pre-order for a limited time for $20 + Shipping. Also, 5 unique NFT collectibles will be given away to celebrate the release of the album. 

Please contact for interviews, guest mixes, and further information. 

Be the wind, my friend” - Z8phyR