Welcome to the Universe

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How does the Universe operate?

Having traveled the known parts of the universe for the last 3 years, our musician Z8phyR finds himself lost deep in an unexplored galaxy. You can tune into the findings transmitted from each planet that has been visited.

Each song is transmitted via an audio signal from various planets inside of the Universe. The only way you can interpret the signal is by discovering the hidden content behind of it. Sometimes the transmissions come across quite clearly, in the form of Stars. Here they are the full digital copy of the newest release, and only ONE will be offered across the entirety of the internet. To download it, you'll have to own the star or planet.


How can I get one?

First - you'll need a metamask wallet. It is important that you have one as these are distributed to the owner as a digital and and transferrable asset.

Once you have a custodial wallet. Proceed over to the OpenSea market place and discover your favorite celestial object.


What can I do with it??

Firstly, it's just something to bring you a little joy and happiness from Z8phyR in the metaverse. These NFTs are simply digital collectible assets that are to insight ideas and inspiration into others. Yet, these still come with a few extra perks


Every planet comes with a file to download the highest quality version of that song. You'll also be considered a "virtual owner" of that song. Every so many years, I'll be re-issuing these tracks through distribution. If you are a current owner of any of these songs that I upload. I'll be issuing you a 10% royalty with the next distribution schedule. If you already own an NFT. Make sure you're part of the Discord channel and notify Z8phyR

Sell or transfer it! That's right! If someone else desires it, maybe you can sell that song to them yourself! I'll receive a 10% royalty for EVERY transaction that happens. So if you sell, or purchase one of the NFTs you'll be DIRECTLY supporting my journey as an independent musician. So thank you so much!

You can show these off in your wallets at any time! Once you purchase these assets the NFT is transferred to you as the owner. You are welcome to re-sell them, save them, share them or anything else. In fact - you are encouraged to do so! Tagging @Z8phyR on all social medias and/or using the hashtag #Z8phyRUniverse will bring it to my attention and I'll be sure to share/retweet your NFT!

What are the floor prices?

Since these will be hosted on the OpenSea marketplace, all prices are listed in Ethereum and can vary based on current market conditions.Prices are determined by the planet's size and nothing more. Stars are unique and can vary from price to price. Each planet, however, will always be the price of its relative size. Not all sizes are accurate in the cards, the proper size is always listed in the "property" trait. Be aware of this when selecting your planet!


Planet Size Floor Price (ETH)
1 = Miniature 0.001
2 = Tiny 0.002
3 = Small 0.004
4 = Average 0.008
5 = Large 0.016
6 = Giant 0.032
7 = Enormous 0.064
8 = Colossal 0.128
Star (8) 0.088 - 8.0



What are the NFTdrop dates?

Currently the expected drop dates will be

Inital Drop - 6 AUG

2nd Drop - 13 AUG

3rd Drop - 20 AUG

4th Drop - 28 AUG

    More dates will be announced in August tune into the Discord and be sure you're following on Twitter for the most active updates.




    Take the journey today!

    Take the journey today!